Why Cant I Give?

February 11, 2010

What does it take to GIVE?

Took my time off on a Friday night and crossed the street in Ayala to the bus station. The exhausting rush hour pack couldn’t get me a ride so I decided to just eat my dinner in the nearest fast food. On my way, I saw two old grannies in the staircase of Mcdonalds near PBCOM. I’m not usually caring on what I see on streets, but seeing these two grannies at passed 8 in the evening, still roaming in Ayala, did caught me alittle off guard. But remembering I was hungry, I went into mcdonalds and ate my dinner. It was Friday night and exhausted from work, I wanted to go out and have fun. But for some reason, my friends (even my sister) are not available to join me in my Friday play. So instead of feeling sorry, I just tried to appreciate the book I was reading and stayed in mcdonalds. I engrossed myself with reading and lose track of time. After two hours and realizing it was already 10pm, I stood up and walk out of the fast food. Just a few steps out, I once again saw the two grannies, this time they were asking me for a penny. I continued my steps forward when I felt something strange that I stepped back towards them. I didn’t give them money at first, to my amazement, what I did was to talk to them. I took time to talk to them, asked questions to know them better and their concerns. It was a good 20minutes of my time knowing these people. People who were passing by were looking and curious with what I was doing with them, and for some reason I felt different again. Realizing it was getting late, I’ve invited them to go home and since they’d take the bus I’m taking, I’ve joined them til I reached my stop. I gave them a few bucks and I’m thinking of returning to them to answer alittle of what they need. I just need to take time in collating and asking from people who are also willing to give.

“Doing such will take a great deal of my time and money”, as I’ve always thought in the past, for I was thinking of my own resources and time. If I’m not different now, they would have been somebody I’ll just passed by; either coz I have no time or money to offer. Such experience made me realized something again, that if only I’ll take my time to notice them, to get to know them and their concerns, I can be a bridge to the fortunate people who can give something to these people who were less fortunate. And as I’ve noticed, a lot still have good hearts that are willing to GIVE.

GIVING will not take so much of your money and time. Just a percentage of your monthly earnings, even just 1%, if combined with the other 1% of others can create a change in the lives of other people who weren’t as fortunate as you are. Giving money is fulfilling enough, but I realized, taking time to spend with these people that you gave your help, sure creates a bigger change, not only in your character but in your whole life as well.

Remember, life is short. Two important things at the end of it is:

1) How happy you were?
2) How happy others were because of you?

Start giving and experience the happiness it gives your life and other people’s lives. 🙂


Live Life to the Fullest

December 6, 2009

Each of us has our own way of life, “indifferences” as they call it. But the reality is that even how different we are and the way we live, there are universal truths, values and principles that are governing our world. These truths are both simple and general that if you try to learn and apply them in your life, a great change can happen.

Such truth gives other people a chance to find their place in this world and to live their life to its fullness. While for others who does not, makes their life so dull, hard and miserable.

How can you live your life to the fullest?

Knowing the answer can make your life as happier as it should be.

Start knowing, learning and living the truths of the secrets to good life that is a life lived to its fullness.

1) Live Today

Past cannot be brought back and the future will always be uncertain. Today is yours, so make the most of it.

2) Maintain Balance

Your life is affected by the four aspects that are mental (brain), emotional (heart), spiritual (faith) and physical (body). Learn to maintain balance of the four aspects, for as Spice girls have sung, “Too much of something is bad”.

3) Forgive and Forget

The only person that suffers when you do not forgive is you. The other person is probably caring less of what you feel. Be kind to yourself and forget about it.

4) Accept Change as Part of Life

The more you can adapt to change, the easier your life is because change can open bigger and better possibilities for you, if only you would accept it.

5) Visit Places You Have Never Been

Seeing a new place let you discover and learn more of other things in your life. It helps you expand your perspective and horizon.

6) Read Books

The best way to live is through continuously learning. Try to be better than your current self. Keep expanding and growing.

7) Attend Classes

Just like the swimming lessons you have always wanted to take back in high school. Remember that you would never be too old to learn and discover where you really can win and be happy.

8) Take Time to Make Memories and Keep Your Journals

We should not wait for memories to happen, we should make memories happen. Find time to create memories with others. Make a note of each moment you do not want to forget, both the good and bad. Read your journal once in a while to see how far you have gone along. Surely, it will make you SMILE.

9) Capture the Moments

The ability to retrieve a memory decreases exponentially unless boosted by artificial aids like photographs and videos. Start taking those pictures you would like to look back in your old days.

10) Smile

Nothing beats a cheerful heart and mind. Be happy regardless. Make the world a better place to live in. Start sharing your sweet smile.

11) Join a Club

You can learn more about yourself by exposing yourself to other people and learning from them. It will help you and everyone else grow. We evolve at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into.

12) Learn to Give

The old saying would always be true, “The more you give, the more you receive”. Our value as human being resides on what we can give and not on our capacity of receiving. Start spreading goodness by giving.

13) Spend Time with the Young Ones.

There is no better stress reliever than the joy and positive feeling given by the free spirit of a young one.

14) Open Your Ears to the Elders

Listening to the old ones makes you a year wiser. Remember, the best way to learn and avoid extreme failure is through the experiences of others.

15) Accept and Manage Failure

Do not be afraid to make mistake. Most successful people have gone thru multiple failures. A great treasure of wisdom is hidden on every failure.

16) Take Risk

Life is full of chances and you do not live if you do not take chances. As they say, the higher the risk the higher possibility of success.

17) Cry

Who said that boys and big girls do not cry? You need to cry, it eases the burden plus it will keep you from having diseases that is caused by emotional pains.

18) Respect Other Peoples Opinion

Who wins in an argument? Keep yourself from arguments. Nothing is solved with a heated talk. Learn to listen to what others may say without necessary believing and taking them as true for you.

19) Take a Break

Reward yourself for a days’ work. Take that break, you deserve it and you need it in re-energizing yourself to another day of work.

20) Work Smart, not hard

The most stressed people are those who do not know how to work smart. Do not take the entire task to yourself. Remember, you are not alone in this world. Learn to maximize and trust the abilities of others. It is not a weakness to ask for help.

21) Be Yourself

Do not try to act like someone else just to please everyone. You do not have to, plus you cannot. Stand firm to who you are. Eventually, you would discover who are worth keeping in your life from those who are not.

22) Start Caring

People do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care. Start caring and let the people know that you care. Remember, that relationship is more lasting than accomplishments and prestige.

23) Meditate

Take a time to be with yourself and be silent. Such can relax the fast-pace life you are in and helps you discover more of whom you are and who you can become.

24) Discover Your Definite Purpose

Life is a journey. As you go along your journey, set your maps. Discover the right you at the right place and time. To help you discover, ask yourself, “If there was no praise or criticism in the world, then who would you be?”

Once you know the answer, you are right there.

25) Live Life with the World

Do not live for yourself alone; remember that there are other people and creatures that surrounding this world. Even if we are not aware, every move and actions we take creates an effect to others.

So learn to take responsibility of your actions. And start contributing your knowledge and experience for the benefit of the whole world.

Life is not easy nor that tough neither. Having a good life and living our life to its fullness is merely a choice. So make that choice to live life to it is fullest.